Couples Massage


hilton couples

The couple’s massage is an amazing experience that will live on forever in your hearts and minds. I have been a therapist for 30 years, trained in relaxation techniques as well as medical massage. My co-therapist and I will work together to use our combined expertise to design a massage routine that perfectly fits your needs. Please, if you have ANY concerns that are muscle related – back aches, joint problems, headaches and more, advise us of any problems, and we will do our best to successfully address them. Many of our couples have come to us expecting just another massage, and were pleased to realize they derived real therapeutic benefit from the experience.

The room is candle lit. The music that is chosen is designed to encourage a deep relaxation. It contains the sound of waves gently flowing, and isn’t the water a part of why you came to Hilton Head?


You will be treated to an herbal heat pack ensuring your deep relaxation lasts well after the massage. Muscles are like plastic, in that they are more malleable with heat. At the core of muscle pain is muscles tightness. In therapy, we gently stretch those muscles and relax their grip on the nerve, reducing and/or eliminating pain. The heat allows a deeper and longer lasting stretch.

We also provide a Lavender Infusion. In Aromatherapy, Lavender is used for calming and relaxing. By gently applying Lavender Essential Oil to your face cradle during your massage, the fumes gently wind their way into your consciousness. Please note that if you have sensitivity to smells, PLEASE let us know, and we can forego this.

We look forward to making your stay here memorable. We are sure that you will forever remember this massage experience as a highlight of your stay in Hilton Head. Please call and speak to me personally. I will be happy to discuss this wonderful experience, and answer ALL of your questions and concerns.