Uniting Your Energy

hilton mate“Graduate of Medical Massage College performs massage magic in the privacy of your home. Not a sexual service but a sensual catalyst to melt you and your mate into one.”

Learn how to massage your partner in the privacy of your home or in the comfort of my office. I can teach you the basics skills of massage therapy as well as provide specific help with health issues that concern your partner. I am medically trained with extensive training and 30 years of experience, and can help with an array of problems relating to muscle dysfunction and/or distress. Additionally, the Secret of Tantric Massage Techniques can be taught, if you desire a focus on uniting the couple’s energy and desires.

Tantra is a sect in Buddhism that teaches enlightenment through the senses. Breathing is used to open the energy portals, called Chakras. A spiritual connection can be enhanced between partners utilizing Tantric Massage Techniques. I am not a Tantric Master, but instead liken myself to the old village woman who prepares the couple for nuptials by imparting wisdom and gentle understanding, thereby uniting the couple in holy bliss.