1. Best Money I Have Ever Spent!

    I was having some problems with my leg and looked for a massage therapist on the internet and was very pleased to find Hilton Head Medical Massage Therapy. She came out to my hotel, set up her area (very professional) and proceeded to work on my problem areas. I was quite impressed at her knowledge of understanding how each muscle affects another. She was able to pinpoint my problem that was being…Read More

    Jen W.
  2. Very Professional

    I was looking forward to a massage to get the kinks out after a long drive to the island and by pure chance found a brochure about Hilton Head Medical Massage Therapy. I was thrilled to find that she would come to my place; saving me both time and stress. A big plus was the chance to take a nap immediately following the massage. Everything went just as I had hoped. They brought everything, set up …Read More

    Peter S.
  3. The Best Massage

    I am not very good at expressing myself, but this was absolutely the best massage I have ever had. I have a very big problem with pain in my lower back, and this was the first time I have had complete relief - and after only 1 session. I would highly recommend Hilton Head Medical Massage Therapy to anyone. I have tried many other massage therapists on Hilton Head, and this was the first time I had…Read More

    Carol C.
  4. Cons: NONE!

    The therapist did a fantastic job yesterday on our massages. Two of us called, asking for the massage at our resort condo. We found the experience professional and attentive. It was a sturdy (better-than-average) table (which was just right!), and oils that helped our dry skin. The therapist was friendly and pleasant, yet did not talk too much. There was the right balance of personality that engen…Read More

  5. Simply The Best!

    I can honestly say that my massage was the very best I have ever had; It was the experience of a lifetime! My therapist first surveyed the landscape of the physical me, careful to question every little detail. The conversation began as her magic hands went to work. I was deliberately and thoughtfully manipulated in the most professional manner. She challenged my taught muscles, but did not inflict…Read More

    Rick Kazmier, Marietta, GA